The Crafted Flourish is here to serve you.

My desire is to bring hand-crafted calligraphy into both your daily life and the special occasions you celebrate. Graceful penmanship adds elegance and beauty both to sumptuous events and simple days at home.

The artistic goals for this business are twofold: simplicity and a personal touch. To that end, the calligraphy I create is both readable and specially crafted. My calligraphy follows the style of the historic Italic script, featuring clean lines and elegant flourishes. I do all my work by hand, so that each piece has individual beauty, rather than using a stamp or other form of mass-production.

This website outlines my calligraphy offerings for various occasions–weddings, holidays, and special events–but I would be glad to discuss other ways to bring custom calligraphy to your particular occasion or space.┬áPlease contact me directly at thecraftedflourish {at} gmail {dot} com to create the crafted flourish you desire!